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Thai Bodywork

Thai Bodywork

What to expect...

A typical session may include use of pressure points, passive and active stretching, compression, muscle testing, vibration and traction. Sessions may also include cupping, scraping, warm herbal compresses, as well as the use of liniments, balms and oils. Thai bodywork is performed on a floor mat, so please come prepared with comfortable, loose fitting clothing, as the entire session is done while you are fully clothed.​

Herbal Compress Balls

Body Awareness

Experience Thai bodywork through the lens of Traditional Thai Medicine: a complex, holistic medical system that views the body as a whole, using elemental theory and the layers of Thai anatomy. In my practice, bodywork is different for every person.  This work can break barriers and make space in the tissue and allowing the body’s natural healing process to take place.  Treatment allows for more freedom and movement, relief of chronic and acute pain and inflammation and helps to bring more body awareness for each individual.

At Wild Craft Healing Arts, I believe everyone can benefit from healing arts service. 

Please contact me for sliding scale options, or for a sponsor.

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