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I offer one-on-one or small group sessions for beginning level students.  I work with adults, children, tweens and teens.  Immerse in a private setting in the studio or in the privacy of your own home to explore how Yoga can improve your wellbeing.  Maybe you are looking to begin a practice and need a stepping off point, or you might be ready to explore a new approach to your practice.  


Each session...

Comprehensive and engaging, the immersive experience of private yoga allows us to focus on developing deeper awareness in the body. We come up with a plan and set goals for health and wellness.   This is an opportunity to acquire new skills that can assist in dissolving patterns that no longer serve you. The way we move, our thoughts, and our bodymind connection can create chronic conditions, or dissolve them. Yoga is one approach to transformation on and off the mat.  Each session is a combination of traditional yoga & mobility training that addresses, and manages acute or chronic pain, injury, lifestyle maladies and the mental blocks inhibiting lasting positive change.

Yoga Mat

Begin your yoga journey

Why Private Instruction?

                            Meeting individual goals by refining particular aspects of practice.

Starting yoga for the first time.

Working with an injury or physical limitation.

Concentrating on individual needs without the group distraction.

Deepening your practice through philosophy, meditation, alignment or other personal intentions.

At Wild Craft Healing Arts, I believe everyone should have access to alternative healing modalities.  I offer free consultation to talk about your goals, needs and intentions.  Sliding scale fee and sponsorship is available.

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If you do not see what you are looking for, please send me a message so we may connect and design a session that works best for you. 

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